Tui Na Massage

This is a Chinese Modality of massage done fully clothed. This massage incorporates Acupressure Points, stretching and traction techniques and rhythmic compression techniques. A major goal of this massage is to establish a harmonious flow of Qi (energy) in the body and bring overall balance.

The main benefit of Tui Na Massage is that it focuses on a specific problem. This may be acute or chronic pain that is associated with the joints, muscles or the skeletal system.

If you have never received a Tui Na Massage before, keep an open mind. It is likely to be different than any massage you have experienced in the past. Tui Na is said to be a “feel better” massage instead of perhaps a “feel good” massage.

I typically combine Swedish and Tui Na techniques into a scheduled Swedish Massage. However, if you are more comfortable having your massage fully clothed this is a great option for you.

60 Minute Tui Na Massage $55

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