What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki is a hands on healing method that is very gentle but very powerful. I am a Reiki Master, which means I have gone through all the levels of training and have been attuned to the highest level of attunement. I am able to receive Ki or Life Force Energy through my Crown Chakra and send that life force into your body.  Your body then directs it where it needs to go. Reiki is incredibly empowering. Your body knows what it needs and how to heal itself, I simply provide it with the Ki energy to do so.

During the session I work with your Chakra system. Through the Chakras I am able to learn about your emotional, physical, spiritual and mental bodies. For example, if I feel a lack of life force energy in your Root Chakra, it may be a sign you are feeling unsafe, stuck in the clouds or disconnected with your body. By providing your Root with Reiki energy we are able to create more balance in this energy center an heal what needs to be healed.

Reiki can help you on your healing journey in many beautiful ways. It can calm anxiety, restore depleted life force energy, clear blocks in the mental or emotional bodies, connect you with source energy, and relieve tension and stress in the body and mind. Anyone can benefit from Reiki healing, you only need to be open to receive it.

During sessions I use essential oils, oracle cards, crystals, and guided imagery to enhance the healing. I call on both our spirit guides and angles to guide the session. Sometimes they offer me messages or visuals to share with you. These sessions are powerful and deeply healing and they may create emotional or physical releases during our time together and/or for the next few days while your body and spirit process and integrate.

If you are interested but still have questions please don’t hesitate to contact me! Feel free to reach out or email me to book your appointment!

$85 per session (60 minutes)

$160 – 2 Pack of Reiki Sessions

$320 – 4 Pack of Reiki Sessions

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