Reiki is a powerful hands on healing method that is very gentle. Reiki can help calm anxiety, restore depleted energy and relieve tension and stress in the body and mind. Anyone can receive and benefit from Reiki healing.

During the session I work with your Chakra system. Through the Chakras I am able to learn about your emotional and physical bodies. As I channel universal life force energy  into you, your body directs it where it needs to go. Reiki is incredibly empowering. Your body knows what it needs and how to heal itself, I simply provide it with the Reiki energy to do so.

I use essential oils, oracle cards, crystals, and music to enhance each session. Reiki can only positively impact your body and mind. It may create deep emotional releases during and or after your session(s).

Feel free to reach out with any questions or to book your Reiki session!

$70 per session*

$240 – 4 Pack of Reiki Sessions

*Reiki Sessions vary in timing depending on what your body and mind need that day. The session can be anywhere from 30-75 minutes.

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