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Level I Reiki Training

Reiki Healing is a powerful energy healing technique that dates back to the 1800’s and even further. “Re” means universe and “Ki” means life force. Reiki is the laying of hands on the body to heal, using this universal life force energy. Every human and animal has “Ki” within them.

Reiki only has a positive effect and can be used to heal “dis-ease” in the body and mind. During Reiki I you will receive the first level attunement which opens and clears the energy channels in the body. After the first attunement you will become a channel for universal healing energy. You will have an increased amount of this life force or Ki moving through you for your own healing as well as to heal others.

Receiving your Reiki I attunement will have a powerful positive impact on your life and may lead you deeper into your spiritual path.

The main focus of Reiki I is self-healing, however if you chose to, your level I attunement will also help you in healing pets and loved ones.

In this training we will cover:

  The History and Theory of Usui Reiki

 What are attunements?

  Level I Attunement

The Importance of Self-Healing

Healing session protocol + hand placements

 Grounding and Protection rituals

Incorporating crystals in Reiki Sessions

Time for practice

No experience or knowledge is necessary in any energy healing modalities or systems. Simply come with an open heart and mind.

Saturday November 17th


Visit Healing Elements to sign up



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