Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

This massage involves long slow strokes as well as smaller technical strokes. I use massage oil that is infused with 100% Essential Oils. I have several blends created for specific needs. Pure Relaxation, for those who need to relax, release and reduce stress. Muscle Release is a blend for those of you with knots and tight/tense muscles, this blend is great for athletes and active clients. The Energizing blend is a citrus blend to uplift your mood and energy levels. We can create any blend that will specifically benefit you as well.

I also incorporate Acupressure points into each massage. These points increase the benefits of your massage by activating the flow of Qi (energy) in the body and helping to reduce stagnation. I include overall wellness points as well as specific points for each individual clients needs.

60 minute Swedish Massage $55

90 Minute Swedish Massage $75

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