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What is a Mala?

Traditionally Mala beads are used for mediation and prayer. They are a string of 108 beads or seeds. In mantra mediation Mala beads are used to help keep count as you repeat a chosen mantra 108 times. This can be thought of like a rosary in Christian Religions.

Malas are most traditionally made of seeds or wood. The type of seed or wood depends on various beliefs and properties.

They can also be made out of crystal beads. Each crystal has powerful properties and benefits. For example, rose quartz beads help to open your heart Chakra and benefit all kinds of love in your life. Lava beads are extremely grounding and centering. Blue lace agate is associated with your throat Chakra and helps with communication and speaking your truth. There are many options and properties to chose from!

I can create a Mala that is made specifically to your needs!  I will help you decided what beads, wood or seeds would be most beneficial in your Mala. I create each Mala with love and patience. I repeat a mantra that is specific to your Mala while creating it and when possible charge it under the Full Moon. These practices ensure that when it gets to you it is infused with powerful vibrations and ready to benefit you as needed.

I also include at Mantra Meditation and an explanation of the properties of each crystal, wood bead or seed bead in your Mala.

Each Mala will differ in price depending on the beads you have chosen. They often range from $70-$100+. We can make you a beautiful Mala, no matter your price range!

I also create bracelets! This is a great way to keep the energy of the crystals close to you at all times. These make great gifts and stacking sets!

Bracelets are $30 each, $33 with charm.


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Please reach out if you have any questions on Malas or would like to order one!


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