Cats and Cows and Beets Oh My!

Hey guys!

In this post I am going to share with you an oil, two yoga postures and a recipe!

Let’s start with one of my favorite things in the whole world….Lavender Essential Oil! Maybe that sounds a little over zealous but I’m serious! I love Lavender! I love the smell and the affects.


I use Lavender EO in many situations. Firstly I use it every night to help me sleep. I have always had troubles sleeping. It takes me a long time to fall asleep and I wake up lots throughout the night and have crazy vivid dreams. Just the other night I literally jumped out of bed yelling at Ryan for putting a snake in my bed…he is so used to it now he

My awesome fuzzy socks 

just laughs at me! Anyways, even with this recent dream I have been sleeping better ever since I started rubbing Lavender on the bottoms of my feet. I wear warm fuzzy socks to sleep in, even in July, and that helps the Lavender soak into my feet a little more. I also like to rub my hands together and inhale the oil through a couple deep breaths. You could also create a pillow spray by putting water in a small spray bottle and add 5-6 drops of Lavender to it. Spray it on your pillow, sheets and comforter! I would do this but my wonderful husband is not the biggest Lavender fan so I limit it to my feet.


Lavender is not just for bedtime though! Anytime you are feeling stressed or anxious Lavender can come to the rescue! You can diffuse it in the morning for a nice calm and relaxing start to your day. You can carry it with you and put a few drops behind your ears when you need a little help relaxing or de-stressing. I love to put a little on before I teach a yoga class because it helps me stay focused, grounded and calm. If I start to get nervous our flustered while teaching I just inhale deeply and I’m back to feeling great!

And last but not least my favorite way use Lavender is in a warm and cozy bath!

Bath Time!

This is such a glorious way to wind down from a long weekend or a long day. Give this magical oil a try! You can create almost any beauty product you want such as; lotions, body wash, massage oil, bubble bath and so much more! Let me know if you have any questions about how or when to use it! Check it out on Young Living here!

Let’s move along to our yoga pose(s)! These two are again some of my favorites to start class with because they are gentle postures that help to warm up your spine for the rest of the practice. The postures are Cat or Marjaryasana and Cow or Bitilasana. I am talking about these two together because as they are usually done together! Cat is a great counter posture to Cow and visa versa.

Table Pose-Start here!

So let’s learn how to do them! To begin come onto your hands and knees. Place your hands directly under your shoulders and knees directly under your hips. Make sure your feet are coming straight out from your knees, tops of your feet touching your mat. (You are now in Table pose.) Make sure you have a nice straight and neutral spine, making your back flat as a table.

Cow Pose Moo!

To move into Cow pose bend slightly at your elbows dropping your belly towards the earth and lifting your gaze up to the sky. Push your chest through your shoulders as you pull your shoulders away from your ears and squeeze them together towards the middle of your back. As you do this inhale deeply.

Cat pose Meow!

As you exhale you will move into Cat pose by tucking your chin to your chest and arching your back up to the sky like an angry cat! Press the space in between your shoulder blades up as you push your hands into the earth below you. Gaze should be at your belly button if that is comfortable on your neck.

Move through these postures as you inhale and exhale as many times as you like. Try to move like your moving through honey, slow and controlled. Each time you come into the postures find a new feeling in your body. Make small adjustments each time so that you can really get a good stretch in the spine, chest, neck and back.

There are many benefits to these postures and they are highly accessible to all levels. Some benefits are:

  • Increase mobility of the vertebra
  • Release tension in the spine
  • Strengthen and tone your arm and abdominal muscles
  • Stretch the back, abdominal and neck muscles
  • Increase circulation of spinal fluid
  • Massage the digestive organs

There are also options for modifications. If you suffer from any wrist pain or injury you can do these postures on your forearms. If kneeling like this hurts your knees or you have a knee injury feel free to roll up your mat or put a blanket under the knees to create a cushion for the knees. If you have any serious knee, neck or back injuries make sure you do only what is right for your body and move slowly and with control. If you have any questions, let me know!

Leg variation!

If you would like to take Cow pose up a notch you can play around with adding a leg variation by bringing one leg up at a time. Bend at the knee and point the toes towards the head as you gaze up and back towards the toes. Take this variation only after your spine is warmed up.  To get the foot closer to the head do some hip openers and hip flexor stretches before you move into this variation.

Woo whoo! Go get your Cat/Cow on and enjoy the amazing benefits of these fun postures! Ryan likes to add sound effects of course, so go for that too if you’re feeling it!

Now that we worked up an appetite let’s get to the recipe!

*But first I must note that this is not a cooking blog and I am not a cooking expert! I haven’t mastered the food pics and I am terrible at precise measurements… but with that all being said I LOVE to eat and I love to eat A LOT! I do however, have some diet restrictions, first I eat about 95% gluten free and second I am a vegetarian. Gluten free is for health reasons and vegetarian is for personal and spiritual reasons. I have been GF for about 2 years now and vegetarian for a little over a year. (Technically I am Pescatarian because I do eat fish and other seafood but I normally just go with Vegetarian.)

Anywho! I love it when I find a delicious recipe that fits into both of those categories! It can be a little tricky and you may think all I eat is vegetables, and that’s not entirely wrong, but I do find a lot of other delicious things to eat too! For the recipe I’m sharing with you today though that “just veggie” thought is right and it’s sooooo yummy. Get to it already Tacy! Okay okay!

Cute little baby beet!

Ryan loves burgers, they are his favorite go to meal. After I stopped eating meat I tried a lot of different veggie burger recipes until I found this one! It’s pretty much just a mash up of some of my favorite things; black beans, beets and mushrooms! Here is a VERY rough recipe (like I said, I don’t measure much.)


Black Bean and Beet Burgers

1 can seasoned black beans (drained and lightly rinsed, keeping in some of the                         juice and seasoning)

1 large or 2 small beets

A handful of mushrooms (I use what we have in the fridge, sometimes Cremini,                      sometimes Portobello)

¼ cup chopped onions

¼ cup breadcrumbs (GF if necessary)

Salt and Pepper

Splash of Worcestershire sauce

Any other seasonings you like (Chipotle, chili powder, etc)

Put the black beans in a mixing bowl and smash them up to your liking. I usually smash them until most are broken down and some are still whole. Grate the beet(s) into the bowl and mix them in with the beans. Sauté the mushrooms and onions in a little olive oil (or oil of your choice) until they are soft and then add them to the beans and beets. Add your breadcrumbs, S and P, Worcestershire, and seasonings.

Sizzlin away

Form the mixture into patties and then put them in the fridge for a bit (15 to 30 mins or longer)! Add some oil to a frying pan and cook them on medium low heat about 5 mins or so on each side. Get them a little crispy and make sure the center is hot! I add some cheese to the top and let it melt. Top it with avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, more onions and mushrooms or whatever you like!! They are sooo yummy! I go sans bun but you could definitely put it on a bun too.

You can add any other veggies you like to the mixture was well, like carrots, zucchini or corn. Quinoa is also a great addition if you are looking for a little more substance and protein. You could also roast the beets first if you want a different texture and a little different taste from them, but that’s a lot of pre planning for me so I just go raw 🙂


We are obsessed with sweet potato fries so that’s what we had on the side this time but you do you! Hope you like them and let me know if you add on or change anything how it turned out! Go Veggies!

So to recap– Lavender is amazing and you should probably just start carrying it around with you wherever you go! Cat and Cow pose feel glorious on your back and do tons of great things for you body! And black beans, beets and mushrooms all mashed up together taste delicious!

Thanks so much for reading and as always please leave comments and/or questions below! Have a beautiful week and HAPPY SPRING!!!

“Stay close to what keeps you feeling alive.” -Unknown

I love this quote because it says so much in so few words. “Feeling alive” sounds amazing doesn’t it?! If you don’t feel alive, go find something positive that changes that and hold onto it for dear life!

Peace, Love and Namaste friends!

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