Happy Monday!

Hi guys! Today is Monday and for a lot of people that can equal lots of negative feelings. Lots of people view Monday as a bad day because it might mean going back to the work week and possibly returning to an environment that is stressful or negatively charged.

But guess what!? Mondays do not have to be bad! To me Mondays are a fresh start, a new week, a clean slate to do whatever I want with! I have a schedule and classes to go to and homework to do and yoga classes to teach and ya for sure that can all get overwhelming and sometimes stressful. But I believe it is so important to take each class, each project, each working hour as an individual event, a single special series of moments in your life that you are BLESSED to experience. Life is a gift, ever single minute of it.

Today in San Diego the weather was a little crazy. Rainy and INTENSELY windy. Ryan was outside with Ruby and he heard a loud crash, like thunder. He yelled in to me and said he thought a tree fell down somewhere. Unfortunately he was right. We live on a pretty busy road, 2 lanes of traffic in each direction. A enormous and beautiful tree had succumbed to the wind and cracked near the trunk sending the top and a good portion of the trunk down and into the street. At that moment several cars were driving by and the tree fell directly on top of one of them. Unfortunately the driver did not survive.

My heart brakes for the victim and their family. The rest of us can learn from this situation. When something so devastating  happens we reach out and tell our loved ones that we cherish them and we hold our family and friends close. We are reminded that life is absolutely fragile and can be taken from us at any second of any day. You never know and will never know when your tree will fall.

But a few days go by and we start to sink back into the normal rhythms of life and we forget to remind those we care about how much we love them and we start to complain again about what we don’t like about our lives, we start to want again and let those Monday blues set back in.

Today is the day to change your Mondays forever. Let every Monday be a reminder that life is precious, that you are immensely blessed. Let it be the day you reach out to your loved ones. Let it be a day filled with gratitude and joy as you remind yourself of all that you have to be grateful for and be joyful over simply being alive. Let Mondays be a source of light and happiness in your life and the lives of those around you.

Simply focusing on changing your point of view about Mondays and starting your week off in a positive way can make a huge impact on your life. If you are struggling with negative thoughts and feelings and you dread Mondays, try out my tips below! I promise you will see positive improvements in your thoughts, actions and relationships very soon!

Here are some great options for ways to change your Mondays:

  1. Let the first thing you do when you wake up on Mondays (and every day of the week) be to think, write or say out loud at least 3 things you are grateful for. Even just saying the words “Thank You” out loud a couple times is a great practice. An attitude of gratitude guys, it’s the real deal!
  2. Tell at least 2 people that you love–that you love them! Tell them how much you appreciate them and that you are so thankful to have them in your life.
  3. If you are unhappy with your job or work environment think of one thing, however small or big, that you can change to positively impact your day.
    1. If its the job you are unhappy with, do/write/research something that will inspire you to find a job that does make you happy. Don’t make this an extra source of stress though, this can be as small and writing down 3 jobs you think would be fun!
    2. If its the environment try to replace one negative with a positive. If you hate your uniform add a piece of fun jewelry or wear your favorite shirt underneath it! If it’s your coworkers try to find one positive thing about each of them throughout the day. If it’s your desk or office, bring in something from home that makes you smile to put in your space.
  4. Work out! Yoga, Pilates, Cardio, Weight training, Going for a walk/run, Stretching or group fitness classes are all excellent options. If you don’t have time, wake up 10 minutes (you won’t even notice the difference) and spend those extra 10 minutes stretching or do a couple sun salutations or do 20 jumping jacks! Just get your body moving! You will feel like you accomplished something (and you will have!) and that always lifts our mood.
  5. If you have pets give them some love too! Pets are such a wonderful gift and can lift our moods in seconds. They love us know matter what we look like or how we feel, morning breath and all! They just ask for some love in return and if you are like me then this is the easiest one of this list!
  6. If you find yourself becoming stressed or overwhelmed throughout the day take a few moments to just stop and sit and breath. 5 big full belly breaths can dramatically change your perspective on things. While your breathing remind yourself what you were grateful for that morning or what those positive things about your job or coworkers were. One of my favorite quotes that I find so helpful is “Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.”
  7. Lastly and I think most importantly, find at least 2 things about yourself that you love. Look in the mirror and say them out loud! You might feel a little silly (but silly is fun and fun = happy!) but do it anyways! Shut your bathroom door and do it quietly if you need to but just do it! I have learned that for me happiness really begins with the way I feel about myself. The more I learn to love and appreciate myself the more time and energy I can focus on improving other parts of my life and in turn being happier!

Remember, you and only you can decide if you are going to be happy. It is your choice and your choice alone to either love or hate Mondays. Make today the day you start loving Mondays and the day you take your happiness and the rest of your week back into your hands!

Get out there and have the best Monday ever! Life is precious and short, don’t let it pass you by while your being grumpy over another Monday! 🙂



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